Research Symposium -2018

15th Annual Biomechanics Research Symposium


Friday, May 18, 2018


STAR Campus, University of Delaware

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jean Jiang

Title: Hemichannels in mechanotransduction and cancer bone metastasis, a journey from  basic research to potential therapeutic application

CBER Day Keynote Speaker
Ashbel Smith Professor, Biochemistry and Structural Biology

& Associate Director, Biomedical Engineering Joint Program 
at UT Health San Antonio

Dr. Jiang, an expert on intercellular and intracellular signaling, has a wide successful research portfolios spanning multiple tissues (eye, bone, and cancer) from discovery to translational phases. Check out two recent news (below) featured Dr. Jiang’s studies.


Dr. Jiang obtained her Ph.D. degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1991. She did her postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School in 1991-1995 and was an instructor at Harvard Medical School in 1995-1997. She has been at UTHSCSA since 1997. Her research focuses on connexin-forming gap junctions and hemichannels in lens, bone and cancer, mechanostransduction, and development of potential therapeutics for cancer and neurological diseases. Her lab has developed both cell-based and in vivo animal models and specific antibodies. Her research was funded continuously by research grants from National Institutes of Health (NIH), Welch Foundation and other funding agencies. She is the recipient of 2016 Cancer Therapeutic Research Center Discovery of the Year Award, 2017 Master Research Award for Distinguished Researcher and 2018 Presidential Distinguished Senior Research Award. She has published about 120 papers and 5 patents including publications in Proceedings in National Academy of Science, Developmental Cell, Oncogene, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Cell Science, Molecular Cell Biology, etc and has an h-index of 44. She has also served as an associate and an editorial board member for multiple journals including the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Matrix Biology and BMC Cell Biology. She served in many research review and advisory panels, including NIH, NSF, NSFC, VA, American Heart Association, and American Foundation for Aging Research, UK Wellcome Trust, etc.


UT Health San Antonio signs potential $114M deal with Chinese pharma firm – San Antonio Express-News

$114 million with a Chinese pharmaceutical company to develop new treatments for spinal cord injuries and breast cancer.


Scientists win $6 million grant for breast cancer drug development – San Antonio Express-News

The funds, awarded to UT Health in San Antonio and Houston, will help develop a drug aiming to stop breast cancer from further invading bone tissue.


CBER Day 2017 Keynote Lecture


  • Poster and podium presentations will be given by students with awards for the best presentations
  • Check out ongoing biomechanical research projects
  • Social interaction and networking among faculty, students, clinical collaborators and industry professionals
  • Morning snack and lunch provided for all who register


Abstract Submission and Deadline Information


  • Abstract deadline: CLOSED
  • Poster size requirement: no larger than 3′ x 4′ vertical or horizontal
  • Podium presentation slides should be on a dark background to be seen in the Atrium

Program – subject to change

 8:30  Breakfast & Poster set-up STAR CAMPUS- GLASS ATRIUM
 9:00  Welcome & Introductory Remarks
Dr. Liyun Wang, Director of the Center for Biomechanical Engineering Research
 9:05 Keynote Lecture:

Dr. Jean Jiang
Ashbel Smith Professor, Biochemistry and Structural Biology
UT Health San Antonio

TITLE: Hemichannels in mechanotransduction and cancer bone metastasis, a journey from  basic research to potential therapeutic application
 10:20  Break
 10:35  Podium Session 1  STAR CAMPUS- GLASS ATRIUM
 11:35  Lunch
12:00 Poster Session 1 (odds) STAR CAMPUS- MAIN CONCOURSE
1:00 Poster Session 2 (evens) STAR CAMPUS- MAIN CONCOURSE
2:00 Break
2:15 Podium Session 2 STAR CAMPUS- GLASS ATRIUM
3:15 Announcing the Vince Baro Undergraduate Research Awardees STAR CAMPUS- GLASS ATRIUM
4:00 Adjourn

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